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Original Post:
by: 97nick on Apr 05, 2016

For the past few months I have been followed around by beings of light on a higher plane. Every night I can see multiple things moving around my room and lights glowing where there shouldn't be light. I can hear faint whispers and if you are familiar with the spirit of nature and the spirit of creating I hear them ringing in my ears whenever I'm not playing music ( starting in right ear usually and flowing through). I haven't posted anything about this as of yet because I didn't feel the need to ask for help. I know there are multiple beings because they make noise in all corners of my room at night. Last night I was working on an altered state of consciousness if you know what i'm saying and I was raising my vibrations with chakra meditation and crystals. All of a sudden there was a coldness at my feet and I knew it was something on a higher plane, the coldness didn't enter my body but rested over my feet until it started crawling up until my entire body was one with this thing in my room. It would respond to my words with an emotional response. It was an intense feeling sort of like deep deep meditation. I started hallucinating, the things around me were all changing and distorting in a way that would only make sense on a higher dimension. If you read all of this thank you and I was wondering if anybody has experienced something similar or knows how to get a dialog going with higher dimensional beings other than in a telepathic way. I am not at an advanced telepathic level so I miss much of what is communicated to me. Thanks again