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Original Post:
by: User434946 on Mar 24, 2016

I am very new to wicca, so if I offend anyone or am blasphemous, I apologize in advance. Yes, I am asking to be spoon-fed a bit, but I am honestly confused.

I am sorry in advance for my question being unclear, I tend to wander in thought and type out nonsense.

I love to feel the earth under my feet. I love animals and listening to birds, standing in the snow and listening to rainfall. I love to breath in the warm summer air, and to see the sights and sounds that I was given to cherish, but to whom shall I thank for the beauty of life, emotion, time and everything along with it? I have researched wicca enough to come to the conclusion that wiccans worship the Moon Goddess and Horned God, but am I correct? Are there more than just these? I carried around my Amethyst stone given to me as a child by my grandmother, and I've found that there is more importance that just what it looks like. It was my imaginary friend, my good luck charm, my key to happiness, so to speak. Is there importance to this polished stone? I know about the different elements and how they are used, but I am mostly confused on who I am praying to for each. Are the gods unknown? Do they have names? Is there a special way to know about them, and to please them?

Once again, I am very new to Wicca and am generally confused. I will try and limit further questions and try to learn on my own. Thank you, and blessed be.