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Original Post:
by: sidestepper on Feb 18, 2016

Just curious on what everyone's view of what deity is. This can be your belief or any information you have surrounding other beliefs.

I personally go by the concept that everything is connected and infused within everything. That there is a source that is all. But this source also encompasses all. This source is then broken down into various aspects or true forms. Generally this can be done by separating into masculine and feminine aspects such as the Mother Goddess and the Father God. This can also be separated into aspects of elements.

I will utilize various gods/entities in my works. I view these to be parts of the whole. For example, while the father god is just one part of the whole, there are also various parts to the father god. These would include any male concept available. This could be Jesus, Lucifer, Superman, etc. The use of an individual is more for refinement of the energy that connects everything, the source.