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Original Post:
by: MultInt on Nov 07, 2014

Hi , i am here to talk about ouija boards ....
For my own mouth the ouija boards are the portal for a spirit to be called and to be talked .... So i never try ouija . Because i doubt that it can be use in my house ....
Ok . Making a pact for a spirit is not very easy but a little bit easy...
The ways to be asked on spirit using a board is:
What is your name ?
Where do you live before you die ?
How old are you ?
How can i help you ?

So at the question of " How can i help you ?" can just be a justification .....
If you tried to helped them and he/she saw that your helping . It is the time to make a PACT
by finaly telling/asking.
" Now , I helped you . Is it done ? Can you help me back ?"
The can help you . From everything as you wish except fantasy .

spirits are a dimensional being that cant see in our physical eye but an consious mind can .

thank you for looking my post , hoping for unruded posts