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Original Post:
by: User324665 on Sep 02, 2014

Hi,how you?
In Buddhism we no believe in angels, we believe in Devas.
Devas live in Heavens and Earth.
All are beautiful young ladies, that sever Gods,Goddesses,Buddhas and Buddhas to be.

When Human die, soul is judge by King Yama and his Lords of Hell, if Karma and sins have been destroyed we can be reborn on Earth or reborn in a Heaven. If reborn in a Heaven, you will be served by Devas. They will bring you everything you want or need.
Reason why Devas bring you everything you want, so you no suffer from lacking from anything.

Devas like us (humans) have a lifespan. Devas can live hundred of thousands and some millions of years in a Heaven, serving souls and Gods and Goddesses.
When they begin to die they will chant a ancient Mantra,so they will be reborn in a Higher Heaven.

Deva also have a Sister race by name of Devatas.
Devatas are mostly on Earth, they are more of a guardian being.
If they like a human, they will protect them from all suffering and bring them complete happiness.
They look like beautiful young ladies, and some different color, like blue,purple,yellow,green,pink and so on.
Devata love trees pliantly things and Music.