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Original Post:
by: Chyina on May 12, 2014

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what I am experiencing/seeing. If there is a proper name, or ability, that this would be or fall under. I will try to explain this as easily as I can. Since a young age I would see the silhouettes of people and animals.

I have looked online for something, but have not found anything close to exactly what I have experienced. The other people who describe what they see as silhouettes usually describe them in two fashions. One, being that they see these things as a stark black being, but in 3D, as in they can see some features such as muscle tone, but may not be able to see things such as facial features. Others describe these silhouettes in a more shadowy state, like misty or transparent.

What I have seen is literally like a silhouetted picture. They are not 3D, but flat, and are not shadowy, but solid, I cannot see through them at all. I am unable to see features, such as muscles, but I do see outlines of things, such as clothing or if the figure is carrying something.

Others have described their silhouettes as beings that they can interact with, or at the very least the being interacts with them, speaking, moving objects, and so on. Not with me.

In fact, these being dont seem to know Im there at all. I dont know if they are simply choosing to ignore me or literally have no idea I can see them. They simply go about their business as if I do not exist. They have never (to my knowledge) tried to speak with me or communicate in any way with me. They are simply there. Yes, to answer your question (as Im sure some of you will want to ask it), I have tried to communicate with them but to no avail.

These sightings also do not last long, never more than a minute or so, and in some cases for only a handful of seconds. I have always been fully awake during these times. It has never happened while awakening from sleep, or while trying to fall asleep. I also have never felt threatened or in danger around these beings. In fact, I have never felt anything from them, I simply see them, but have no vibes from them, they are simply just... there.

These have been both human and animal. In fact one time I nearly had a car crash because a silhouette of a dog ran out across the road. It was mere instinct on my part to veer even though, after the fact, I realized it had been a silhouetted dog and not a real one.

I can sometimes tell when a silhouette is male or female, as some I have seen are wearing a dress (assuming this is female), and so on. A good majority of these beings appear to be from a different time (this is also an assumption from what they seem to be wearing). They seem to be from the past (perhaps Victorian), as many women are wearing large bell skirted dresses, bonnets, and so on. The men, similarly, might be wearing large top hats and carrying canes. The fashion of clothing may very slightly but most seem to be well out of style, so to speak.

There is never anything else with them, such as buildings or cars, just the people or animals, usually by themselves (in other words, it is exceptionally rare, in fact only once or twice, that I have ever seen more than one silhouette at a time).

I have considered the idea that perhaps I am seeing impressions of the past (not directly into the past, though that may be a possibility). Like I am witnessing a moment from the past that has somehow stayed strong enough to allow me to see it in the present, if only for a moment.

Anyway, would just like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this post and/or comment.

Many Blessing To You,


A little about me: I do have other psychic abilities and spiritual powers, as does my mother. Though I am not sure of the rest of family, as they were mostly very strict Christians. So even if they felt they had these types of abilities I highly doubt they would have ever said anything about it.