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Original Post:
by: User277973 on Apr 08, 2014

I am a logical and rational person. I am a bit of a skeptic until there is evidence. I see Ghost / Spirits sometimes. Use to see them all the time but try ignoring them and chain smoke to help focus on other things. When I would try to talk to them they would fade away or just vanish. I am wondering, are ghosts that antisocial or is it overactive imagination mixed with bad eyesight. I avoid funerals as I see the deceased around their own coffin. I quit two different cemetary jobs because I kept seeing people that were not there. A psychiatrist told me it was just overactive imagination due to bad eyesight and shadows. A paranormal psychologist ( Yes they really have those ) told me ghost can be more afraid of us than we of them ( I do not fear it. It is just annoying. ) . I mean if they are real or imagined how does one tune them completely out? If they are just ignoring me, I do not care to see them. Thank You.