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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Re: Shadow-like creatures (?)
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Original Post:
by: SparkOfLife on Apr 06, 2014

I'm not sure how to put this without sounding completely and utterly insane, but after some short but successful astral projection attempts, I woke up one day after astral projecting to see weird shapes that looked like shadows of people. There were also a few animals, like a dog on the floor, but it was mostly people. These 'shadow people' as I've seen them called, were both male and female, along with some that I could not tell if they were male or female. They varied in height and other traits as well, and when I got up, they moved aside, and I said "Hi." One of them waved at me, then they were just gone. I don't know how to describe it.

I've become a night owl more recently, mostly because I feel safer at night if I stay inside the house, due to family issues. I do not feel physically endangered. You may think that this is a lot more insane of me to talk about this too, but I saw some of those same figures, I think, at night. They seemed 3-D. That's the best I could describe them. 3-D and not merging with the shadows on the floor and walls and all of that. They were like that before, but what I found was odd was that they differed every night. Sometimes, some would appear again, but most did not. The one that waved sometimes re-appeared, but most didn't. The only ones I could think of off the top of my head that returned would be that one person who waved when I said "Hi" to all of them, the dog, who occasionally brought other dogs, both of whom I felt protected around (again, cannot describe that feeling well either), and a group of young girls.

The girls are different ages, one or two that I've seen may be in their early twenties or late teens, some were younger, possibly 12 or 13. I didn't exactly get the same feeling from them that I was obviously being 'protected', but I felt some weird feeling from them, that I can't describe much at all. It was like they were semi-protecting me, but they were sort of just passing through from someplace else. There was more to the feeling, but I just don't know what else to describe it as. I got that 'passing through' feeling from most of the other shadow people and animals, but this time, with these girls, it was different. I've never felt in danger from any of them.

What I'm wondering is this: What are these 'shadow creatures'? Could they be people and animals who are dead? Could they be something else all together? Am I simply going insane? None of them seem to stay for long, but some do come back, like I mentioned before.