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Original Post:
by: Vozel on Jan 25, 2019


The belief behind Ayurveda is reaching your highest and healthiest potential through the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Some of the main and most commonly known practices with Ayurveda are oil pulling, yoga, dry brushing, and self-oil massages. Though it's much more than that. Ayurveda has a total of 8 branches, but Ayurveda itself has two main parts. Ojas and Ama. Ojas, is the good and health and balance energy while Ama is the opposite. Along with two principles. Many people do practice Ayurveda without even knowing it. Ayurveda is said to be the oldest health system being over 5,000 years old found in India and still being practiced globally today.


Yoga and Ayurveda are best friends, in a way. We cant become our highest selves without enlightenment and being our healthiest selves. And yoga does just that. Not only that but yoga helps us become more balanced being an amazing meditation practice as well. Because the more balanced and healthier we become the more spiritual aware we become. Yoga is also one way to connect with your Annamaya Kosh. Being the healthiest person isn't the end goal but rather a goal that is going to help us become our highest selves.

Unseen Health:

Ayurveda does help us and help our subtle energy become stronger. When you feel like something is off or something bad might happen which later turned into a sickness that is your subtle energy within you. Which is also known as The Five Bodies (which I will be talking about).

The 2 Main Principles:

Preservation of health: How to maintain wellness and what to do to keep your body healthy and to avoid sickness by all means.

Methods, medicine, and tactics for disease management and ailments: How to cure and return to your healthiest form.

The first principle is based on prevention while the second is all about balance. These two are practiced together and very important with Ayurveda.

The 8 Branches:

I will only be naming them in this form, in the comments, I will be explaining:

Kaya Cbikitsa, Urdbvaanga Chikitsa, Damstra Chikitsa, Sbalya Chibikita, Bala Chikitsa, Graba Chikitsa, Jara Chikitsa, Vrisbya Chikitsa. The 8 branches are mainly about the different aspects of healing within Ayurveda.

View of Life:

Within Ayurvedic, there is a human life definitive purpose. Which falls into pursuits: Dlbarma, Artba, Kama, and Moksha.

Dlbarma is about 10 values each person should have. (I'll be listing them in the comments).

The reason why I am going to be listing the different things that fall under the topics I talked about is that they're long and I don't want everything in one form.

Resources/References (for all topics and things within the topics that I will talk about in the comments)