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Original Post:
by: User531460 on Jun 03, 2018

Shinto- a religion based on animism, belief in spirits of the ancestors or past and belief in Kami and Oni.

Kami- has many definitions and meanings that all ways represent something positive.

Example of Kami: Gods, and energy that are all powerful and positive.

Oni- has many definitions and meanings that are all negative.

Example of Oni: demons, and energy that are all negative in nature.

kami and oni are not: Good and Evil or happy or sad only or sometimes entirely.

Animism is the believe kami ( life force or spirit ) inhabit all things in a certain scale or spectrum

Spirits of the past- Kami or Oni that have been or used to be part of the physical world.

Kami- are beings with divine yin and yang powers.

Oni- beings with divine or no yin or yang powers.

Oni to me are demons but can also be like man in aspects of sin and innocence.

Kami are with out sin and are Gods.

Magic in the Shinto religion:

The use of magic in the Shinto religion is allowed by the Gods but the rules for it are like if magic were a tool. This tool may not be used to inflict yin( negative ki)or oni(demons ) on others. Magic is a power to be used like a object in a way. A tool should not be used to hurt others only in inhance life.

The practices of the Shinto religion are the use of Kotodama which are spells and onmyoudo the use of earth magick, alchemy, and sigils. The use of Fu talismans is called sorcery. Fu talismans are rectangular slips of colored or whit paper covered in sigils that are the names of Oni.

Ritual practices in the Shinto religion:

The act of Purification rituals to be cleared of sin and yin is used in this religion. The reason to a purification ritual is to reset karma and clear chakras and ki ( aura) of yin and attached Oni.

Shinto excepts all walks of life and all experiebces deemed yang( god) by the Gods.

I will not name the Gods you I guess "should"worship because there are many types of Shinto and it is a unwritten but is a experienced religion.

If you wish to ask a God to be worshipped by you. You should meditate or the will come naturally to you.