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Original Post:
by: sherbertglas on Apr 14, 2017

My name is Kitty. I'm 32. I don't believe in literal magic, but I do believe in the psychological effects of ritual, meditation, visualization, and chanting.

I use spells to penetrate my subconscious in a way that my logical thought has been unable to do.

Up until now my magical thinking has only come up with worst case scenarios that negatively affected my emotions, behavior, and reactions. I'm flipping that to make magical thinking work for me instead of against me by using rituals, charms, and protective and lucky objects to positively affect my emotions, behavior, and reactions.

I call it psychological Wicca and it greatly helps my anxiety.

I do revere nature, which makes me a pagan, but I revere it from a scientific perspective. The knowledge that, as Neil DeGrasse Tyson says "We are, each of us, our own little universe." The galaxies swirl around each other, the stars in each galaxy swirl around the nucleus black hole, palanets orbit around each star, moons orbit most planets, cytoplasmic organelles orbit the nucleus of a cell molecules make up the cell (and everything else in the universe), atoms make up the molecules, protons, neutrons, and elections orbit the nucleus of an atom.

It's beautiful, not just on a scientific level, but a spiritual one. Some say we are each an insignificant speck on a rock floating through space. That's not how I see it. I am billions of universes housed in a much vaster universe that I long to discover.