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Original Post:
by: chimera777 on Nov 25, 2016

It's known that the magic dagger of Crete is similar to the keris magic sword of Indonesia and to Tibetan vajra daggers of healing , the phurba. The reasons are not explained but perhaps history can suggest what happened . I'm hoping to find comments that lead to more lines of inquiry for info.
Greek krios "ram-goat" was also the battering ram used on warships and in towers that rammed into fortress walls in Greece. Crete's dagger , today called a krios, has a handle made from wild-goat horn of kri-kri goats. Keris /kris is Indonesia's dagger which was keris buda , carved on Greco-Buddhist temples in Indonesia. The Cretan dagger protects wives in marriage and the keris is made by a magician who chants a mantra starting "Aum" which represents Shiva and is the start of chants to protect marriage. The medieval Greek magic of Salomon asks for protection by the Almighty.
Greeks ruled north India 2100 years ago and then Greeks used Kharosti script in Kushan kingdoms of 2000 years ago. This script was found in ceramics excavated in Bali Indonesia and was used on gold rings of Kushan style found in Bali and Cambodia from that time.
Evidently , Greek influence reached Indonesia then and probably persisted. Tibetan ritual of Greco-Buddhism also seems to be linked to Greeks ( and to Persian horse-tribes who used tent-pegs to transfix evil forces ). So that's the basic story. What is your view?