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Original Post:
by: User333297 on Oct 20, 2014

In ancient greece,libation was a religion practice.Olympian gods and goddesses has their libations.At every libation the respective god or goddess must be worship(make offerings to Him or Her etc.).It's not necessary to celebrate a libation.

-Libation To Hera (11 January)

-Libation to Aphrodite (08 February)

-Libation to Hephaistos (08 March)

-Libation to Artemis (12 April)

-Libation to Apollon (10 May)

-Libation to Zeus (14 June)

-Libation to Athena (12 July)

-Libation to Hermes (09 August)

-Libation to Demeter and Persephone (13 September)

-Libation to Poseidon (11 October)

-Libation to Ares (08 November)

-Libation to Dionysos (13 december)