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Original Post:
by: Aeons_Wing on Aug 30, 2014

This is just a post trying to get together the names of all the pagan paths. It's already complicated enough deciding whether to sort them by region of origin, especially because, you know, people traveled and conquered and brought their gods with them. And mixed them all up even sometimes, so historically you have Jupiter Eternal Dolichenus and Caelestis Brigantia being honored and they're like...Frankenstein monsters of gods from the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Atlantic. And modern practitioners have reclaimed or made their own labels. So far, I've got...

Hellenismos (Greek paganism)
Heathenry (Norse paganism, including Asatru, Vanatru, Rokkatru)
Celtic (Ok, this one's actually odd because it's not limited to the British Isles. Brythonic, Gaelic, sure--but why is Gaulish paganism included here sometimes? Isn't/Wasn't Gaul in the mainland? Not knocking on anything, it's just difficult to systemize.)
Kemetic (Egyptian paganism)
Santeria (Caribbean paganism)
Natib Qadish (Caanite paganism)
Suomenusko (Finnish paganism)
Dievturiva (Latvian paganism)
Romuva (Lithuanian paganism)
Maausk (Estonian paganism)

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, and definitely to add more.