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Original Post:
by: high_priest on May 29, 2014

Aset and her Family Aset (Isis) is a Egyptian Goddess of Magick,Moon,Sun,protection,children,rebirth,resurrection,Universe,Sea and many more her siblings are Ausar (Osiris) Lord of the Underworld (Duat) he is the lover and brother of Aset he is the Lord of the Dead but that doesn't mean he's evil or bad he's very misunderstood due to him being the King of the underworld he is the God of death,afterlife,truth,rebirth,life. Nebet-Het (Nephthys) some call her the dark aspect of her but i see nothing dark about her there is not much known about Nebet-Het she is also a Goddess of resurrection,death protection she is a very protective goddess her presence is similar to Aset but its also different she is called upon to make things hidden do not confuse this with Amunet the hidden one ! She is the wife of Set her brother and had a son Anubis. her brother is Set he is not a evil god before he became the god of Chaos he was a god of storms. Very little gods in Egyptian were considered evil i do not consider him truly evil. His wife is Nebet-Het. Haroeris (Horus the Elder) he is the brother of Aset some say he is also the son of Aset and Ausar and some say they are separate Haroeris is the god of light,good,truth he is an important upholder of Ma'at. These are the children of Geb and Nuit Geb is the brother and husband of Nuit Geb is the god of Earth and Nuit is the goddess of Sky and universe their parents are Shu and Tefnut Shu is the primordial god of Air and Tefnut a primordial goddess of moisture. These are the children of Atum and Iusas Atum was the first god that came out of the primordial waters of Nu some say that Atum is Ra but they were two seperate God but now they are one Atum-Ra Atum is the God of creation. Iusas is the primordial goddess of Birth she is known as the "Grandmother of all deities" i do not know much of the primordial goddess.