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Original Post:
by: User529814 on Nov 19, 2020

If you only have house plants you can do the same for them as will.

Working with tree spirits or tree energy is great source of energy for the craft, but with any form of spirit it is best to always try and form a relationship with that said spirit beforehand. While trees would help you even if you dont have that relationship, they will be a little bit more closed off to you if you suddenly asked them to do something.

This is just a small list on how you could get closer to nature.

Sing to them

Many trees like a more smoothing tone singing to them is a great way for them to start being more curious about you.

Playing music

Music is a great source of energy to help bond with trees.

Looking after them

If the trees are in your yard you can help look after them this can be as simple as watering them.

Talking to them

Spend some times talking to the trees.

Sitting under them

Sitting under the trees is a great way to help you ground, but also for the tree to get to know you. However, please be safe about this always make sure by looking up at the tree to see if there are any bee hives or loses branches. The last thing you want is a branch to fall on top of you. Remember about your own safety as will.

Stay away

If you feel like you should stay away from one tree best to stay away and respect their boundary. I remember a public tree that had its bark been cut into by people who wrote their names and other things done to it. The energy it was setting out was an energy of back off. If you get a feeling you should stay away from a tree dont head towards it and dont try to bond with it unless you know what you are doing. If the tree doesnt want you near them then they dont want you near them. As the person you should respect this wish.