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Original Post:
by: BuriedBody on Oct 23, 2016

My mamaw is a rootworker. She taught me everything she knows. She told me never to do Bad Jobs. Bad Jobs are what y'all call curses. I petition my ancestors for most of my workings. They were good people in life. They don't do Bad Jobs and usually will retaliate against me if I petition them without just cause.

My friends were bullied throughout high school. I was too, but it never bothered me. Last night, my friend's mom called and said that my friend was in the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. She had been in an abusive relationship. Both that and our past was too much for her. In anger, I demanded help from the spirits and I received an answer.

I heard that he was coming to see her at the hospital. I did a Bad Job. A really Bad Job. I used graveyard dirt and sat in a crossroads where I drew the name of the person I wanted to curse. Black candles, black sea salt, graveyard dirt, and hot foot powder. I prayed for justice to be wrought upon this man who hurt my friend. My forefathers were not happy, but they were answering my call. I left my workings in the crossroads and went to the hospital.

A few hours later, the doctors were rushing an car accident victim into the ER. He'll make it. But he's pretty badly beaten up. Turns out, it was the man I cursed. His front tire blew on the road and he crashed into a tree.

I don't feel guilty, as I didn't make him crash. Candlewax and minerals can't blow out tires. It wasn't even the same road. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe it was my Bad Job. Maybe it wasn't.

I'm posting this as a warning. Don't do things you'll regret. Don't do things that hurt other people. Don't cross a rootworker or a witch or warlock. Don't be stupid. Be careful.

Carry a mojo bag with you everywhere to dispel evil and break curses.