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Original Post:
by: Chleo on Jan 19, 2016

The Nago Lwa primarily come to Haiti from Nigeria; they are strong spirits and lean more towards the personality of the Petro Lwa. They are warriors, spirits of battle who fought in life for what they believed in. They're nature some lean towards the Rada while others toward the Petro but they are all fierce, "hot" spirits. "Ogou" is the family name for the Lwa in the Nago nation, many were in the military. Some of them are served in Petro while others are served in Rada.

The Ogou are usually offered cigars, machetes, and strong rum. Altars dedicated to Ogou are covered in red and blue with iron materials such as horseshoes or railroad spikes as well as hearty foods.

Although there are many Ogou, amongst the most recognized:

  • Ogou Feray
  • Ogou Balize
  • Ogou Balomi
  • Ogou Batala
  • Ossange
  • Met Nago