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Original Post:
by: HoodooBoy on Aug 17, 2015

Ok in my time i have followed paganism as well as Vodou and Hoodoo,i ended up leaving Vodou and Hoodoo because i was closed off to the christian element of it,but kinda flundered along with paganism,i met someone I feel in love with that's and addict and suddenly things with crazy I'll tell you about it,but I realized Papa Legba was working to get my attention,so I reset up an altar to Paga legba,and have made my offerings of black coffee,and some spare change I had and acknowldged to him that i was wrong for disconinuing service to the Loa,and that this situation was my wake up call,and have started making amends to Papa lega.

Now here's the situation:

! friend of mine that's relapsed into drugs,and has started hanging out with people that are drug users and she used to be hooked on drugs( pain pills and meth) bad according to what she has told me!

this happened after she( my freind) was laid out with her back hurting so bad she couldn't get out of bed for 3 days and was zonked out on pain pills the entire time,and suddenly afterwards a woman that she does not like( and she has told me that)thats known for drug use including pain pills and meth was and is suddenly hanging around,and five days ago,I left a letter at her house and when she walked past me the next day and saw me her head just dropped and she looked at the ground as she passed me.

3 days ago I left a letter taped to her door and it went amiss and i thought she had it but had the feeling to go over and check it out and it was at the foot of the door between the door and the screen door,so i took it and added stuff to the letter letting her know someone took and tossed it on the floor,.

A freind of mine said that the woman that started hanging out with her to her ( my freind) that she was pimping out the freind i'm worried about,so I have done several tarot card readings of a yes/no type and yes/no readings with stones and the comeout in agreement more thimes then the disagree,and the agreement is that my freind if back on drugs and being pimped out,and where she's staying at when the guys room mate is gone to work there's suddenly been a lot of cars there where before there was rarely anyone visiting,on top of that as some freinds and I walked by that hose yesterday as close as it is to the road,I suddenly heard that door lock.

She went from going places with the lady that's pimping her to rarely leaving that house.

Here is exactly the supplies for rituals I have that was given to me by a freind:

1 blue pillar candle
1 red pillar candle
1 chunk quartz crystal
4 chicken bones( have no idea why he gave them to me)
1 bottle cayenne pepper hotsauce
1 bottle ground cumin
1 bottle parsley flakes
1 bottle cloves
1 bottle cinnimmon
1 bottle lemon pepper
1 bottle nutmeg
1bottle ground mustard
1 bottle basil
1 bottle sage
1 bottle Jamacia ginger
1 bottle oregano
1 bottle thyme
1 bottle garlic
1 bottle cornsyrup
1 bottle distilled white vinegar
1 candle shaped like a dog

so can soemone give me info on what kinda work i can do with that to get her free from the people that are using her for her disbility check( she has a bad back),and also her body for there money gain?

Please make sure it's more then oh i'd do a mirror spell it,give details plase or provide me with thinks to sites where i can get the info in detail.

But mainly what can I do with that i have to help beyond a sweeting spell to reconcile,thats my first step.

Also from what would be the appropriate psalms to say as part of rituals to help the woman I am in love with .