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Original Post:
by: cynthia1985 on Jun 13, 2014

i collected graveyard dirt of my grandmother on 24th april 2014.

on 29th april i did the spell with green paper and vandal roots, wrote the name and all and fixed it under my bed with tape.

but at night whenver i did meditation or telepathy to be in touch with my love, i always saw negative dreams which hinted me he can never be mine.

on full night on 14th may 2014, i binded mine and my lovers pic by using the ingredients vandal root, graveyard dirt and petals of red roses and wrapped it in black cloth and still carry it in my purse.

no use.

i even sprinkled graveyard dirt on me and went inside his office. he was not there.

again no use.

things got worst not directly with him but in his friends circle, that today iam filing police case against his friends.

he didn't even come out.

the only benefit ever since i collected the graveyard dirt is a job at a very peaceful environment, after a month.

rest he never came back after the spell. any reason can anyone tell.