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Original Post:
by: Yugen on Feb 28, 2018

I have been a, lets just say hedgewitch, for about 6 years. I dabble in various forms of divination and while researching a new one I came across runes. While reading more about runes I discovered that "Heathenry"/"Norse-Paganism" was a thing. I'm really attached to it but I have questions that I've yet to find the answers to.

1) I'm currently working on memorizing the runes and their meanings (im also waiting for my branch to dry so I can make a set for divining purposes). Is there any other information/techniques I need to know about them before I attempt to use them in practice?

2) What exactly is Seidr? I've read it generally described as an active form of magic but nothing has gone into detail. also information on Galdr would be nice but i'm not going to try that until I get more advanced.

3)I'd love to hear about the ways Heathens celebrate their sabbats, I think y'all call them blotts? As far as the offerings go is it usually laid back? a big important ceremony? does it matter either way? being a hedge witch for so long i'm very used to approaching everything in a "mama odie" kind of way so id like to know what kind of adjustments, if any, I need to make.

4) Not a question, more of a request. I would appreciate some accounts of the interactions with the Northern deities. I've heard mixed things but i would appreciate some info.

5) another request, at the end of your answer please let me know what god(s)/goddess(es) you enjoy working with the most or feel connected to.

6)Do y'all use anything in place of "blessed be"? because that's ingrained into my head but I also enjoy remaining culturally aware.

Thank you and blessed be (or -insert possible answer to number 6 here-)