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Original Post:
by: changedcynic on Oct 04, 2017

So there has been a bit of a flu going around my area, and (after getting vaccinated) someone asked for a charm against the flu. I was thinking of creating a rune script and was wondering what you guys thought.
- Isa (to represent stop the virus)
- an Isa Wunjo bindrune (to mean 'Influenza Virus')
- Algiz (for protection)
- The person's bindrune
- Wunjo (to suggest the spell should end in happiness)
- Ingwaz (to root the energy of the spell in the charm)
I'm a bit worried about Isa tamping down on the subject of my spell or algiz protecting the virus. I'm 95% sure this would work but I'm always leery of casting a spell on another person without double checking my work. Especially since foreknowledge and consent seems to boost the power of what I do a lot (yay placebo effect)
Thanks for your help guys!
P.S. Please get the vaccine if you work in a healthcare or childcare setting. Wash hands frequently, and cough and sneeze into the insides of elbows not hands.
Be well!