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Original Post:
by: User358749 on Feb 17, 2015

Question # 1

I'm not old enough to buy alcohol and tried sneaking some from my dad but got into trouble. I'm turning 20 this year though and the age limit to buy booze is 21 where I live. Should I wait till I get older to work with him or what? Is their any other type of offerings I could give him that could please him.

Question # 2

If I cant work work with him is it ok if I just work with Ran? I feel kinda of close to her and she seems much more is easier to please, if that is true that is. Also I have some chocolate gold coins and I cant afford jewelry until next month when I get paid. I know she fancy's gold so I hope she is ok with the chocolate coins.

Question #3

Do Sea Etins eat and drink sea salt and natural water, like from a pond or something? I saw in one of my books that you can offer sea salt to them and I think natural water.