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Original Post:
by: changedcynic on Mar 25, 2014

Explaining this situation requires a bit of story telling. I have a gay friend who is Pentecostal. Naturally his parents thought that nearly driving him to suicide was the appropriate response to his situation. Within a few weeks of meeting him, I taught my friend to be more sceptical when presented with evidence of the sacred or supernatural. As in, sure god might exist but that miracle in church might not be miraculous at all, the world was probably formed in more than seven days, etc...

Also told him to consider christian denominations that didn't think he was an abomination.

Overall I've had a positive effect. He's happier, he finds that the world makes more sense...

So in response his mom is praying for me to die. I think it's a little extreme but whatever.

I've sense that some of what she's done has been effective because I've detected a dark miasma around me recently with what little ESP I have.

Are the protections I've put up enough?
I've cleared my chakra

I set up a paper talisman with a bindrune above my dorm. The bindrune is a combination of Algiz, Eihwaz, Thurisaz, Wunjo, and Ingwaz

I carry around a charm for protection too. It as a runescript with Algiz, Eihwaz, My Bindrune, Wunjo, and Ingwaz

I've sensed some improvement over the past two days, but is it enough? Also if you're familiar with runes. Do you think I might accidentally hurt this woman with my scripts. I want her to stop not to get hurt.

Thank you