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Original Post:
by: on Dec 09, 2020

I?m bothered with something that?s been happening since I was just a little girl. Sometimes when people really hurt my feelings and I just get so angry, really bad things seem to happen to them and it freaks me out a bit.

Now I?m older and sometimes I get into the worst fights with my boyfriend. He can say the most evil things that mentally destroy you and often I leave the house after an argument, totally sad, crying and in lots of mental pain. And every time something horrible happens to him. It?s different things, sometimes small like he wants to make pizza and the oven breaks, he needs to do something for work and the internet (on only his pc, it still works on my phone) stops. But sometimes it?s really major things like he got into almost a fatal car accidents with friends, he fell off his scooter and broke his foot, he got stabbed on a party. His life is always normal and calm until we get into a fight! And I am starting to get freaked out by it.

Can someone explain what is going on.
Why that every time him and me get into a fight, life turns against him? I?ve never put a spell on him or a curse or something. It?s just like karma always comes immediately when I get mentally hurt