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Original Post:
by: User580789 on Apr 16, 2020

I recently reread online here and on other sites to compare zodiac compatabilities, and I'm finding it somewhat difficult to believe the results are anywhere near logically accurate. Taking my past experiences with each other sign, I'm a Gemini, and first here is what I found what the majority of online and here telling me:

Gemini best matchup - 1st Libra, 2nd Aquarius, 3rd Saggatarius.

Gemini worst matchup - Virgo

Next here, I don't mean to criticize, but this is how each sign rubbed off with me in person, and this comparing two or more people from each sign, looking at what they have in common in that group:

Gemini with.....

Capricorn - they showboat and exaggerate, strong will but always beieve in "my way or the highway".
Aquarius - very smart, gentle, open to ideas, but often too afraid to take action on their own.
Picese - always giving and putting others before themself, a big heart never to be misjudged.
Aries - Often energetic, fun loving and touchy-feely, sometimes forgets about their age/maturity.
Tarus - tame and sometimes cares too much, they don't take bs from anyone, regardless of right or wrong.
Gemini - talented and bright, but balance and stability is never easy, (and kind of mirror me).
Cancer - always look on the bright side of life, no really, do what makes them happy, even if reckless.
Leo - adventureous yet stubborn, they don't think before they act, they just do and work with it.
Virgo - somewhat firm, silent and direct, conversation is not their strongest.
Libra - new meaing to social butterfly, love to talk but better watch your words with them.
Scorpio - although stonewall apeal, emotions pretty much run their lives, even unintentionally.
Saggitarius - a team leader no doubt, optimistic and reminds you to foucus on reality.

What are your views on each sign compared to your own?