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Original Post:
by: DarkSage5 on Apr 07, 2020

Hey all, COVID-19 content warning if you are trying to avoid that!


So I'm a healthcare worker (an inpatient psychiatrist, not ICU or anything.. at least not yet where I'm at). I've been having lots of covid nightmares, usually about testing, missed cases, spread etc. It's exhausting.

One really bothers me tho. It was brought on because we watched The Platform on Netflix (which is about a giant jail-like setting, a platform full of food descends from the top level to the bottom, the top levels get to eat and the bottom levels starve). I was on the platform and slowly going down levels at first, where just a few people were dying, then it started to speed up and the rooms were getting bigger, more and more bodies were piling up, and it kept getting worse. the platform shot thru the floor to the very bottom level (where it's all black) and just stopped abruptly.

I feel like it's just a manifestation of my extreme anxiety (more for my patients, I'm working on a psych unit for geriatric patients, and if we get one positive person up here it's all going to hell). If you've never seen a psych unit it basically is a locked floor where the patients can freely walk around, and it's basically impossible to enforce social distancing. The tests take too long to come back to clear everyone before they come up so it's literally a crapshoot.

Just wondering if anyone else has a different take on it, because out of all my nightmares this one is bothering me in particular.