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Original Post:
by: Thoralf on Oct 18, 2019

Hello all who take the time to read this. I have been on this site off and on for the better part of a decade, and one does not have to be on here long to come to find that most people who claim any form of occult merit around here adamantly believe that physically tangible magick of the miraculaus variety is utter silliness and impossible. Now I myself have studied and in some form or another practiced the occult for just as long as I've been around on here, and of course have heard plenty of opinions as well as amassed a few books here and there and read extensively on the subject. So here's my question; Why do so many of the classic authors on occultism talk about "physical powers" people such as Franz Bardon, Manly P Hall (who actually believed in the transmutation of physical metals into physical gold alongside the philosophical alchemy) and Eliphas Levi. this seems to have been a fundamental part of classical occultist belief and it seems strange that such learned and enlightened individuals would hold on to a silly belief unless there was some truth to it, or perhaps..a hidden meaning? tell me what you think and thank you for taking your time to join in on this conversation.