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Original Post:
by: Solaria on Oct 12, 2019

Good morning, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction today. I am a tarot reader, and have been for about ten years now.

I've come to develop an ability separate from the card reading capabilities and I have no name for it. I used to call it Reiki, but it's not.

There is a visual component. I can look at a human body and with enough concentrated effort, I can see colors. They correspond to certain things like injury, or strain.. the colors seem to vary based on focus,like if I'm focusing on a particular part of the body, I can narrow down a color difference between a knot or an old injury.

I know it involves the transference of energy, I know much like Reiki, I can gather my energy into a focused area like my hands and use this energy to transfer to others.

I know how to utilize it to help heal injuries, to help cure headaches, to aid in restful sleep. It isn't instantaneous, and it isn't without effort. I should note that massage is often involved, though it's not necessary to transfer energy.

I find myself very drained after the practice of this, similar to what I might feel after a very long and thorough card reading. I find that on days I don't do this, I will have body aches. The energy seems to gather and need an outlet.

I don't use symbols. I don't transfer the energy through long distances, and when this energy gathers in my palms, they become very warm. I've been able to channel the energy to my arms and hands, but haven't found a use for it elsewhere. It would be really nice to know what to call this, so whatever I'm doing, I can hopefully do it better someday.

I appreciate the input and suggestions, and hope you meet my inquiry with answers. I look forward to reading them. Thank you for your time.