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Original Post:
by: fniecfndn on Sep 09, 2019

So I go to this daily centre where we do activities and its mostly for people who need help with things but I just go because id be doing nothing all day. So our tutor suggested we take a tour of a specific place where they do swimming and gym. I went to this place before and I said I rather do art which was fine to her then next of all one of the people who were suppose to be going which was a woman by the way said "I will get you back for this" she must have cast a spell in-front of me the next day when I noticed her looking down from her seat chanting or muttering to herself and when I seen this I felt like my emotion being pulled down and ever since things have just being going wrong for me with no sense to it so here I am asking what I do to solve this because I dont know if im getting the wrong idea about myself or if its something real im dealing with here. thanks.