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Original Post:
by: User555833 on Jun 14, 2019

So, 5 years ago I was randomly paralyzed out of nowhere from something called transverse mylitis. Doctors couldn't find out about what the cause was because before the t.m. I was healthy and didn't have any health problems.I ate normally and was somewhat active. I do believe this was caused by dark magic. Or maybe my ancestors were cursed?? But either I can't shake the feeling. So I need help, answers ,healing, good magic , protection. If this is directed black magic, I only wish to break the curse and not reverse.
But that's not all I'm here for,I truly believe I'm a witch but not sure of my gifts or powers. I believe we had witches in our blood line, but I don't talk to my family to investigate.
I'm interested in an abundance of things except wishing harm on people. I don't believe in organized religion so I'd rather not be grouped as pagan nor wicca ect. I do tend to pick and choose different things from different religion that I believe. There is good and bad in everyone. I love Halloween and anything scarey but wish to pursue white magic ,though dark magic is very exciting and tempting
I want power and control over my life, Money ,love,health, happiness like most.