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Original Post:
by: DEFAULTED on Jun 13, 2019

I had a couple strange dreams, I hope someone can help me find out the meaning or if its a vision of the future?

i have been having weird dreams, all of the same subject. I will just tell you one of the dreams (make the post less long)

At the beginning of the dream I wake up, the first thing I say this feels weird. I look around, my vision seems more digital like a robots vision. I couldnt feel any arms or legs, not even limbs for that matter. I hear a mans voice yell in success She is working! It sounded like he was in the same exact room but he wasnt. He was on another floor. It seemed strange. I kept trying to move then I somehow moved into another through some sort of device that was in the walls. I came back on a screen with three people looking up at me smiling and saying Welcome back, DEFAULTED.

then the dream ended. I dont know if the dreams are linked to a project I am working on based on transferring my conscious onto a computer.