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Original Post:
by: Ashen_Heart on May 18, 2019

So my boyfriend got a really weird, vivid dream out of the blue and suddenly he wants to go see a soothsayer/psychic, because one appeared in his dream. This is really odd because he doesn't believe in magick and he's not religious, but he feels like this dream might've changed something.

So I want to see if there might be some local services of this nature in my area but I have no idea where to start? How would you find a local psychic in a big-ish town in the UK? I thought maybe going into an occult/new age store and asking there, but are there easier and quicker ways? Do these kinds of people advertise on the internet?

I'm not asking for readings over the internet, I'm just wondering howwould you go about finding a local soothsayer/psychic?

Thanks in advance :)