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Original Post:
by: MuteMysteryy on May 03, 2019

I am trying to better understand my spirit guides and decided to do a guided meditation. I personally believe that we have more than one primary spirit guide, a guide in the form of an animal ( or totem animal as the Native Americans call them ), an ancestor, and an Angeleic being ( an angel ) to watch over us, guide us and protect us. While other spirits may come and go in our lives, these three stay and watch over us. With that being said, I am a little lost by the symbolism in my guided meditation, which I will leave below.

"I'm standing at the foot of a mountain, stone stairs are in front of me, as they lead into the crisp white clouds. A blue clear river ripples behind me, pine trees line the border of the lake and mountain. As I slowly climb the stairs my feet feel the cold moist stone beneath me. Symbols line the side of the stairs, old and ancient, as they lead me up the stairs and onto a glass platform. This glass platform over looks the cannyon and the river under me. Across from the platform a stone circular portal opens emitting purple/indigo light that springs forth and makes a bridge before me ( I was supposed to invision gold light, but no matter how hard I tried it was a purplish indigo color & there was not meant to be a portal that opened up ). I cross the bridge to find a stone hedge with trees behind it, ancient symbols weeve up the sides like a snake as they slowly disapear until it reaches the top were it swirls into a white gem before disapearing. The corner ripples and a stone door appear's, I push it open to reveal a set of stairs leading down onto stone platform where a white shiming gate opens up into a grass field. On the left there are waterfalls in the distance, and fae playing over fresh tulips. In front of me is the famous Stone Hedge, and standing in front of it is my great mother, a bear with green symbols on his arm, and a golden light angel with a healing staff"

I am having trouble interperating the personal items in this, and the messages. If anyone could help me interperate the purple light and some of the other aspects, it would be greatly appreciated.