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Original Post:
by: Jazzymom on Apr 08, 2019

Ok, so...all my life, I have known when a loved one passes, and how they felt going through my dream visits. The earliest I remember being my adoptive grandma. It has always brought me a level of comfort, knowing without a doubt that there is something beyond this. However, in the last year or so, it has gone beyond just my loved ones, and those I've been close with in this realm. In the last month alone, I've been dogged by dreams of folks passing, and the feelings of their passing in my dreams. Most recent example is my neighbor. Last Sunday, I was home alone getting some chores done before my son returned from his weekend with his dad. I say down at the table to sip a bit more coffee, when I suddenly felt drunk, like...hammered drunk. Spins and all. I went to lie down, hoping it would pass quickly. I fell asleep, and dreamed of my neighbor lady flailing through my window offering tacos. She was obviously drunk, As she couldn't put a sentence together except "I brought....hiccups...tacos!" That's all I could remember upon waking. I felt better, and didn't think about it. The next morning, I was outside starting the car to take my son to school, and her sister pulled up. I'm not close to the neighbors, but was close with the sister years ago. She looked upset, and when I asked if she was ok, she told me her sister had died that morning. I knew immediately how, but said nothing, and she said there were no signs as to why until they got autopsy results back. They got them back on Friday, and my neighbor choked on a taco. They don't know how- but I do. She hiccuped, and inhaled it. Meanwhile, while they were awaiting autopsy results, I was dogged by dreams of people, would wake up, and find that they had passed.
I don't feel gifted, I feel like a dream reaper, or something. Can anyone help me to help them, or control it for my own sake? The feels are too much for me, before the dreams. On several occasions, I've felt like I was dying, only to go to sleep and dream of a person who just died feeling that way...even if no one but me knows it yet. It's not like I dream of them in time to warn anyone, so what can this be used for?