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Original Post:
by: AbelSirius on Dec 10, 2018

About 2 weeks ago I had been in the astral plain, I had followed a familiar path and was greeted by a woman (who I believe is a Goddess my friends say either Athena, Artemis, or Persephone but I?m not quite sure about this. This was my first interaction with her and it was EXTREMELY brief, before I could clearly see her face I was pulled(?) out of the astral plain. I know that something is stopping me from getting back there and also from practicing magic. I?ve always been fairly good with healing magic but in the past weeks even the most basic healing spell has been impossible to manage, I cannot get anywhere near the place I was when I saw her if I try astral meditation and even getting to the astral plain has been a lot harder.

I have a (odd) theory but ever since I can remember I?ve had a ability that (others have argued it may be a curse cast before I was born or a blessing from a god) allows me to feel when someone who has had a (positive) impact on my life is dying, I also feel part of their pain as they leave, sometimes this includes visions other times it is just a few moments were I feel a pain (that i have grown to associate with death) and me trying to catch my breath. When this happens I know there is another presence with me that is very powerful, I?m very familiar with it even though I do not know who it is, my best guess would be that it is one of the Chthonic Gods, I know that this same presence has been present a lot lately especially when I attempt magic.

Does anyone have the any knowledge of what is happening? Yes, I am aware I am most likely being shielded from something from the God(?) but I do not know how to go about fixing this or contacting him, or finding out who he is. Please either message me privately or answer to this if you have any clue how to go about this