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Original Post:
by: D1en0cturn on Sep 02, 2018

Hello, I am D1en0cturn. I find myself at a loss in knowledge and am hoping someone has experienced or seen what I am going through.
Physical manifestation- a dear close friend of mine, an eclectic witch like me, has this ..... "thing" in her right arm that periodically comes and goes, but when its per se "active", there appears on side of bicep sigil or symbol like Mark's that become visible, never exactly the same but always similar. From the elbow toward finger tips, dark spots begin to form that move toward finger tips slowly, eventually after several hours ending up with her hand looking black/purple in color. All of this is always associated with pain in the arm, as well as her muscle tensing up as tight as they can go.
Last time this had happened was in March 2017. I assisted her in cleansing, shielding protective measures. At that time, it had been suggested that it could possibly be a holding spell, so we acted accordingly.
This time however, that criteria doesn't fit. Asking for thoughts and opinions from anyone who may know something along these lines. I am curious if it could be an energy block that she is trying to force out, but that doesn't make sense either.
Please help.