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Original Post:
by: Fhaerie on Aug 11, 2018

Yesterday I remembered everything from two of my past lives. Now I'm questioning everything I've been doing my whole life so far. My grandfather was a pastor. He baptised me and I used to go to church before he passed away, every Sunday. In one of my past lives I was a fallen angel. In heaven, God was controlling me. I wasn't happy there and all I desired was freedom. I wanted it more than anything. I would've gave everything up just to be free. I was one of Lucifer's most loyal friends. Neither of us were evil. We were just misunderstood. Controlled. Unhappy. We wanted to be free and find real happiness. We didn't agree with alot of things God told us and we thought it was unfair. God wanted everyone to worship him and do everything he said and he wanted complete control over everyone. When we rebelled, that's when we were cast out. God basically cursed Lucifer to spend the rest of eternity stuck in the most horrible place filled with evil, pain and misery.Lucifer didn't want to rule hell. At first it destroyed him inside when he realized he was going to be there forever. he was one of the strongest angels and he soon realized that just like someone had to rule heaven, someone had to rule hell, so he soon accepted his fate. But I remember before we realized that hell was basically horrible, once we arrived there we thought that it was better then heaven because we were no longer controlled. Before I was cast from heaven, my white wings were gone so as I was falling, I thought it was the end and that I was going to die. But then, I grew this pair of beautiful, large black wings and landed along with Lucifer. We were standing on this large rock/cliff and below us was more gold we could ever imagine and fire. Even though we were in a bad place, at first it still felt good to be free. And I can't believe my whole life as the pastor's granddaughter I was taught to believe that Lucifer was the most horrible, despicable person ever. Everyone only heard God's side of the story but now I know Lucifer's. I know that he was never truly evil. Just like me, all he ever wanted was freedom.