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Original Post:
by: psycheaurora on Jul 17, 2018

I'm gonna put a bit of background story into this.

My boyfriend is a very intelligent man. He has taught himself practical psychology, photography, and most recently the occult. He just started learning about it all last year, even practicing some black magick. I swear, his curiosity gets him into trouble a lot. All this he did, without me knowing until now.

Last year, he went on a trip to eastern Canada and he met up with this one guy. Ever since he started doing black magick, his health has been deteriorating. As it turns out, the guy told him a demon had tricked him into casting a spell that uses up his life force. The guy took him to a place to counteract the spell he did on himself. He started getting better after.

Then he came back from the trip and still studied magick but not practice it like he used to. School and work kept him busy.

Just a few weeks after he came back from the trip, his main alter came out (he had DID). He tried to break us up and caused some trouble with me. He's been trying to do this since we started dating. Anyway, he fell asleep while I was still awake. He started sleep talking in a language I have never heard of. Now, I'm sure there's a lot of languages I have never heard of. But you know when languages of the same origin kinda sound similar? It wasn't anything like that. Not Germanic, slavic, romantic, etc. I had a gut feeling it was completely different.

I told my boyfriend about it the next day. He thought maybe he was just dreaming and his words were coming out wrong.

But the same thing happened again a few months later. He fell asleep while he was high. I woke up in the middle of the night and after a few minutes, he spoke the same language in his sleep for a brief moment. I didn't think anything of it anymore. I brushed it off as a simple dream error.

Then after a few months, we gave our dear Astra (black cat) away in January. We gave her away because I could not afford to take her to the vet and she started showing some behavioral issues. She actually started getting hostile towards him. This was the time when I was pregnant. I thought she got very protective of me. She attacked him a few times. It was a very heartbreaking decision. I treated her as if she were my own and she seemed to share the same connection with me.

A month after that, he woke up with scratches on his body. Very light scratches. Like a cat's. Some were on his face, mostly were on his torso and the very upper part of his legs. But our cat wasn't there anymore. And even when she was, she never scratched in our sleep. She was a very gentle soul until the whole incident. All my boyfriend said was he didn't know where they came from. And it wasn't even just one random scratch like those ones you get by accident without noticing. There was a lot of them.

About a few weeks ago, he woke up with a couple scratches again. This time, there were a bit less than the usual. None on his face, mostly his torso. I wondered what it was.

He told me a few months back that he had asked a black dog spirit to protect us. I was convinced it was a hellhound. It wouldn't harm me or anyone unless someone tries to hurt me or him. I asked him to banish it because the thought of it made me feel uncomfortable. And he did. But when we went to the occult shop in our city, the lady said he couldn't completely relieve himself of the thing. Because apparently, once you call upon a spirit, it doesn't leave you alone. But I guess it was relieved of its duties.

Then last night, my boyfriend explained to me he feels like he does not belong to this world or to this timeline (Pisces ASC with Neptune in the 1st this year SR). Then he also explained how he felt something has been trying to pull his astral body out of his physical body. On top of that, he has been having weird coincidences and memory mixups. Like about the guy he saw on his trip who helped him counteract his own spell. He looked up the guy's apartment building online again just a few weeks ago and found out it doesn't exist.

He has also started to notice strangers staring at him with some kind of intent, while mumbling something, as if they were casting a spell. Like the one time he was out with his best friend. He saw a man doing something at a store like a regular person. When they passed by, it was as if something took over the man's body and he started staring at my boyfriend. He was mumbling something. When my boyfriend asked his best friend if he noticed the guy, he just said no. His best friend saw the guy as normal. After my boyfriend asked him, it was as if the man got his consciousness back and continued doing whatever he was doing prior.

My boyfriend has encountered a few of these people in the past few weeks. Last night, as he was going home, he passed by this one lady who was also staring at him. She was blonde and she had a black hoodie on. She apparently was spinning what he thought was a rosary while staring at him and mumbling something. When he got home, I asked if we could go outside to get food, and we did. On the way to the shawarma place, we passed by the same lady. I wasn't paying attention at first since she was just some random lady. I was actually kinda shocked. From my peripheral, she looked like she was a witch wearing a long black hooded robe spinning a pendulum. Then when I looked directly at her, she was just there sitting on a bench with her black hoodie spinning earphones. My boyfriend saw something else, not earphones.

After we got our food, we passed by the same lady after we got our food. She was walking our way while we were heading back. She didn't have her hood on anymore but she stared at us again and mumbled. We walked away as fast as we could.

Then we got to a stoplight and while we were waiting, there was this one younger normal-looking teenage girl. She was crossing from the other way towards us. As she was crossing, she stared at us as if she had intentions to hurt us. She was also walking fast. While she walked towards us, she spoke out loud what sounded like a spell in a language I've only heard of twice. It was the same language my boyfriend spoke in his sleep. As soon as the light turned white for us to cross, we did so as fast as we could. I had goosebumps. I thought she was gonna follow us. But my boyfriend said, she returned to normal after we crossed. She even spoke to one of the other people around like a normal teenager would.

The fact that I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears says something. My boyfriend is not crazy. I, myself, have been feeling like I am being watched in my own apartment. The only place I feel safe now in my own home is our bedroom. I don't know what's going on and neither does my boyfriend. He thinks someone is trying to communicate with him. I feel they are out to hurt us.