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Original Post:
by: Druantia on Apr 12, 2018

I am currently finding myself and trying to learn and find the right path and I have stumpled upon a problem that I didn't realise was a problem until now. I have been recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I am extremely sensitive to the world around me, and have mood regulation issues ( I have trouble with my feeling's and regulating them ) and tend to be a pretty logical thinker. However on the other hand I have meet with a medium and she told me that I belong on the green road, am very heart centered, and that I am a natural healer. These thing's tend to keep clashing at me right now as I find myself. When I was practing in my teens and didn't know what was going on with me I felt safe and comfortable, and now I am lost and confused. Both my mental health and that which I am hoping to make my spiritual believes seems to be clashing. I currently am getting help for the mental side of it, but I was curious as to wether or not there is anything that I can do for the spiritual side of it. Like is there some way to better understand it, is there something that I can use ( a tool that I already have ) to make thing's easier on both sides?
I am lost and am un-sure what I am supposed to do in order to feel at peace with both that which I can't help and that which I wish to be.....
Any suggestions are greatly appreictaed, and I hope that this made sense ...

Thank you