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Original Post:
by: User489964 on Dec 25, 2017

Hello! I had a dream a week ago where my carer was looking for me and then walked out into the backyard and found me covered in butterflies. Most of the butterflies looked familar to my area except for the red and black butterflies that i have never seen anything like. She told me to go to school and i did and everyone was staring at the butterflies. I met a new kid who said he would be in my grade. All i remember was he had black smoky stuff around him almost like a black haze and one of his eyes were blue and one was green. I tried typing my dream into the dream interpreter but nothing came up about the butterflies. I have had 5 other dreams i can remember and in every one i was covered in the same red and black buttterflies. I wouldn't have a clue what the butterflies mean so.. Does anyone have any ideas?