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Original Post:
by: metalchick1 on Nov 07, 2017

Hi all, if you have not already read it, i made another forum thread telling that i was desperately needing help, needing someone to do a spell for me. I was in so much pain and sadness, and it caused me to go looking for a spellcaster online. I saw one that happens to do it for free, from this site called The owner of the site said that if you sign up for her newsletter, you can get one free spell casted. I signed up, and i got a confirmation email. And another email of her telling me that she received my information and that depending on my situation, she may have to do more than one ritual. i was just wondering, has anyone else used that site? Anyone gotten a free spell from her that works? I'm just really hoping she is not a total scam because i am really needing the help. Thanks