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Original Post:
by: Syrik on Jul 10, 2017

I am new to this site and, well, religion. I visited this site in hope of proving that my most yearned and wildest dream is real: Magic(k). I have been an Atheist for all of my life, so I have never believed in anything. However I have always hoped for magic to exist, in some form. A year or so ago I met a girl who is Wiccan, and we are pretty good friends, and I have tried casting spells with her, just to test them out. But only for a test. Then I thought that this may be the magic I was looking for. Though I've never truly believed it, and this seems to be the base of this religion. So I am so confused at what I should follow, what to believe, and if any of this is true. Like can magic(k) be put to a test to be true? I am really confused at who I even am anymore, and I would really appreciate some help from a Wicca follower, a fellow atheist, or possibly someone else out there with the same problem.
Thank you so much for any help!