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Original Post:
by: Nymree on Jul 07, 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying to kick my path back into action (emphasis on "trying") and I feel like I should start from the basics. My personal interest is in tarot and divination, however I have heard many people say I should have a basic knowledge of most subjects to at least give me some foundation. I must admit, I have my dislikes too, but if I should have this basic knowledge then I'll do my best to understand and learn.

To the point: could anyone recommend some good books for the basics? I know this is vague, but I'm looking at the basics more of witchcraft, astrology, herbalism, divination etc. Even a really good "Witchcraft 101" kind of book would be a huge help. Something a beginner would be able to grasp and get an idea of these subjects, so I have something to go from.

Thanks to any and all replies made, I'm truly grateful for the help!

Blessed Be,

- Nymree