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Original Post:
by: Sarahhugh on May 21, 2017

Hey guys ,

I knoe all those who cast a love spell or have someone cast it for them , are living in great amount of stress and sometimes break downs , lets help eachother , i will start by telling you my story and you can join by telling us about yours and our daily events while waiting for the love spell to manifest

Ok , so joel and I broke up about a year ago , and ever since i have been looking for a spell caster to bring him back , i have tried about 7 , none of them were able to bring him back , i have this women that i found lately and she casted a spell for me and told me to wait 40 days , and it has been 35 but i cant see any improvement since joel and i work at the same place so i get to see him everyday but nothing !! I will keep you updated but im kinda disappointed at the results so ,,,
Tell you about you guys