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Original Post:
by: Crossshot14 on Apr 08, 2017

So I went for a walk earlier today and I found a coyote skull. It was missing a few teeth but other than that it was in good shape. I decided to take it home and put it on my shelf in my closet which also doubles as an alter. After a while I started to feel really sick and I was trying to find out why. I've had trouble with negative entities before and I thought about the skull. When I opened the door and located the skull I immediately felt this wave of agression wash over me. I felt like the skull was staring at me and it just looked evil. I quickly took it outside and buried it with some salt but that hasn't really helped much. I'm planning on taking it back where I found it tomorrow since it's dark where I am. Can someone explain to me what happened? Was the skull possessed or cursed or something? I'm still kinda new so if my two conclusions sound stupid I'm sorry but that's all I can think of. I would also appreciate some help on how to get this feeling of nasty malevolence out of my room and away from me.