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Original Post:
by: Zekharya on Mar 05, 2017

Hi, I am deciding on a foreign language to pick up for college. I am deciding from these four ? Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese.
I know that some believe in the language during spellcasting while some dont. Personally, I believe in the power of words thus the language used is vital imo.

Italian is the language closest to Latin the university offers and Latin is one language I have always wanted to learn for spellwork.
However, I am to think of practicality in daily life usage thus, swinging towards French and Spanish as they are more widely used.
Along with my great interest in Japan and Onmyoji, Japanese is another language I have always wanted to learn since I was a kid.

Hence, I am torn between these 4 languages. I am to choose one. If you were me, which one will it be?

Appreciate all the help. Thnx!