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Original Post:
by: BreakrArt on Feb 05, 2017

So long story short, I have started feeling an intense energy (vibration?) when I'm most at peace. I used to be a very calm and easy going person, when I was in highschool, i dealt with average depression and an anxious need to fit in. After that, i became very irritable toward certain situations, more angsty, and just more uncomfortable. I've taken steps toward calming myself, becoming the person I used to be, through meditation, smoking marijuana, eating better. But, since becoming closer to myself and really focusing on inward thinking, I've felt this fantastic, happy, and bright energy overtaking my body at certain times, mostly when I'm relaxed and alone. I would never have thought it was anything more than pure euphoria, triggered by some normal means, if it wasnt for this attraction to everything I feel, during the euphoria, I can focus on something and almost feel it responding to my thoughts. No motion, just, like a ping, I feel as if I'm sending a vibration to it, and it's being reflected like a radar.

If anyone know what I'm talking about, or has any experience with this, please message me and tell me I'm not out of my mind.