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Original Post:
by: Lighthealer on Nov 08, 2016

I have a client I have been seeing for a number of years, usually for massage. This client has recently undergone surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in the leg. A couple weeks ago, I went to the waiting room to bring him back to my treatment room. Instead of seeing him there, I saw a man whose face was emaciated to the point of looking skeletal, with black circles around his eyes, and a black aura completely surrounding him. I walked past, and came back, thinking it must have been my mind playing tricks on me. When I came back, I could recognize my client, but the dark grey, almost smiley aura remained. I have never experienced anything like this, with him or anyone else, before. Any suggestions as to what I saw? Was it a warning of some sort? An, if so, any advice on what I should be doing?