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Original Post:
by: Scorpia on Aug 23, 2016

So i have 2 people in my life right now that have probably the worst energy I've ever felt. One lives across the street from me and has been in a relationship with a close family member for a very long time.Ill give her the name Tara so its easy to follow along. At one point in my life i lived next door to her and it was one of the worst times in my life i felt like she was only there to cause trouble and feed off of my energy. I found myself feeling drained whenever i had an interaction with her. If i tried to ignore her she would make some kind of trouble to try and get a reaction out of me and other family members. I finally moved away but she lives across the street. So she doesn't effect me as much anymore, but now i live next to another person who's energy i don't like, ill give her the name Aria. Tara and Aria ironically both lived in the same house at one point, they were tenants of my family member who is in a relationship with Tara. Tara and Aria didn't get along so Aria moved across the street and now i live next to her. I tried to like Aria but the more she came around the less i liked her. She is always negative and never has anything good to say(just like Tara) and i'm starting to feel drained around her too. I just don't like the vibes she puts out. My mother even feels "off" around her but my dad doesn't see it that way. Aria has a daughter who i've become friends with but whenever we hang out Aria comes around and starts trouble with her daughter or says things to me that i just don't know how to take(i don't think she likes me either). I really cant escape either of them because one of them is dating a family member and the other is now my neighbor who comes around whenever she wants because she is friends with my father. I also feel like both of these women have negative effects on men, both of them i feel have a way to control them. I just don't know what to do. I find myself cleansing my house once a week and they stop coming around but soon after they come back and so does the negative energy. sorry for the long post but i felt i should give a background to the situation. Any advice?